I enjoyed the enrichment of a philosophy major while earning my BFA at Hartford Art School, where my focus was drawing, photography and special photographic effects.
The combination of my trained aesthetics and natural connection with people led to an immersion in portrait photography. I also loved playing with double exposures in the darkroom!
In the mid 80's, I began merging collaged photographic 'layers' by re-photographing them, creating fantasy images that presaged elements of Photoshop. 

My deep love of human beings and wild botanicals, continue to inspire my embrace of these elegant forms in intimate focus.
Gorgeous depictions of wild natural beauty helps us to remember our connection to Gaia ~ opening our hearts to the world that is our home.
Soul deep seeing informs my Art as well as my inner visionary gifts as a Healer. Please also visit me at http://www.soulsvisionhealing.com.